Nadeen Burkeholder Williams Music Scholarship

Eligibility: Members and non-members

Amount: $1,000

Type: Tuition payment

The Nadeen Burkeholder Williams Music Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding K-12 teacher who is pursuing a graduate degree at an accredited college or university, and who either is a music education teacher or applies music systematically in teaching another subject. The scholarship was established in 1998.


The scholarship consists of a tuition payment of $1,000, which is disbursed directly to an accredited college or university on behalf of the recipient. A complimentary one-year honorary membership is extended if a non-member recipient meets Pi Lambda Theta’s membership requirements.

Applicant Criteria

The application must include evidence that the applicant:

  1. Holds a teaching license (or credential or certification).
  2. Is a K-12 music teacher, or else a K-12 teacher who makes systematic use of music in teaching another subject. (The focus may be on choral music, instrumental music, general music, or any combination of these.)
  3. Has held a full-time teaching position for at least one year.
  4. Is enrolled either part-time or full-time in a graduate degree program recognized by the state credentialing authority as an element of a teacher’s professional development; or, if not currently enrolled, plans to enroll within one year of the scholarship award.
  5. Has a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5/4.0. (If not currently enrolled, the GPA requirement applies to the most recent degree.)

Application Requirements

The application must include:

  1. Completed online application (Deadline April 1, 2016.)
  2. A résumé (A full vita is not necessary.)
  3. A letter of reference from a faculty adviser, supervisor, or other qualified person. (The letter of reference should address the applicant’s musical and intellectual promise, special talents, and enthusiasms—things that can help differentiate among applicants. The letter may be included with the application. If sent under separate cover, it must be received by the application deadline.)
  4. An essay of 1,000 to 1,500 words on either a) The Qualities of an Excellent Music Teacher or b) Beyond the Musical Arts: Extending the Use of Music as a Teaching Tool
  5. At least one exhibit that demonstrates the applicant’s teaching of music, or use of music in teaching another subject (For example: a) a lesson plan that has been used in the classroom, b) a written assignment for an education methods class demonstrating music education technique or the systematic use of music in teaching another subject (The assignment may be a paper, a lesson plan, a CD-ROM program, etc.), c) a videotape of the applicant teaching (VHS format, maximum 30 minutes). The exhibit(s) should show how the applicant transforms experience and knowledge of music into teacher effectiveness and student learning in the applicant’s chosen subject.) No additional copies of the above material are required; however, Pi Lambda Theta reserves the right to require up to 10 copies of material that is not readily reproducible. Application materials are not returned.


Recipients are selected by the Williams scholarship committee.


The complete application must be received in the Pi Lambda Theta international office by April 1. Applications may be submitted:

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