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Teaching Jobs

By Mary C. Clement

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How much did you know about job openings and salaries for teachers?

  1. In 2009, an article in The New York Timessaid as many as _____________ teachers would retire by 2013.
    1. 100,000
    2. 500,000
    3. 750,000
    4. 1 million: This information came from the April 7, 2009, issue of The New York Times. When teachers retire, there are jobs available!
  2. According to the 2012 AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators, the field with the highest considerable shortage of teachers in the United States is:
    1. Chemistry
    2. Physics: While there are shortages of chemistry and special education teachers, the shortage is greatest for physics. There is an oversupply of elementary teachers. Want a job? Major in a field with a teacher shortage.
    3. Special education
    4. 5th grade
  3. According to the National Education Association’s web site, the average starting salary for a new teacher in New Jersey is:
    1. $24,678
    2. $34,999
    3. $44,872: The beginning (and average) salaries of teachers vary widely from state to state. Go to for current information.
    4. $54,677
  4. listed the average preschool teacher salary at:
    1. $17,000
    2. $27,000: It seems low, but preschool teachers are traditionally paid less. Many preschools are private, and teachers do not receive the benefit of public school pay schedules. Go to for more statistics on salaries.
    3. $37,000
    4. $47,000
  5. The Gwinnett County, Ga., web site listed the 2012 salary for an elementary teacher with 30 years of experience and a master’s degree at:
    1. a. $68,998: Go to to read their teacher pay scale. Most districts post teacher pay on their web sites. Visit several sites and compare.
    2. $58,998
    3. $48,998
    4. $38,998

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