Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society Member E-Badge

Pi Lambda Theta is one of the nation’s most prestigious education honor societies, serving to recognize outstanding preservice and practicing educators. Now that you are a member, you are able to add a Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society Member e-badge to your LinkedIn profile so you stand out to employers and other educators. Display your membership proudly — we hope it will be an asset to you in your job search and beyond.


The badge is offered through Credly, one of the leading providers of digital credentials. To add your badge to your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society Member” email you received that contains your badge and click the “Save & Share” button.
  2. If you’re not a Credly member, sign up and confirm your email address. It’s easy! Once you are a Credly member, go right to the My Credit area of your account.
  3. Hover over the Pi Lambda Theta badge and click the share icon.
  4. After selecting LinkedIn, choose “Add to Profile” and sign in to your account. LinkedIn will automatically populate the badge information, which you can edit before saving. (Make sure the date you became a member is correct, and check the box to say that your certification never expires!)

We wish you all the best going forward and congratulate you on your achievements! If you have any questions about your badge or your membership, please contact us at 800-766-1156 or pilambdatheta@pdkintl.org.