Volume 89, Apr-May 2011

I Wish I Had Known …

Read what these teachers wish they had known when they were starting out.... read more.

Why I Teach

A teacher helps his at-risk students capitalize on their strengths to open up opportunities.... read more.

Class Dismissed! A Teaching Style Study Guide

Learn how to channel your personal strengths into classroom success.... read more.

Legal Talk: Who Controls Public Schools? What Rules Affect You?

In public education, there are layers of rules and authority that you have to know and follow. Who controls public schools? What rules affect you?... read more.

Four Ways (Not One Way)

When summer is just around the corner, classrooms undeniably take on a new energy. Prevent that energy from wreaking havoc in your classroom by using it to your advantage.... read more.

Giving Students a Voice: The Power of Feedback to Improve Teaching

Invite students to evaluate your teaching. What one piece of advice would they give you?... read more.

Assess Yourself! How Did You Do This Year?

Take these quick surveys to discover your strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.... read more.

Counterbalance Assessment: The Chorizo Test

Just like all the high-stakes tests that determine students’ futures nowadays, The Chorizo Test is a standardized test rooted in the culture of the test makers. Use it to gauge your cultural knowledge.... read more.

Rubrics in Education: Old Term, New Meanings

Using rubrics to assess student work helps ensure that all students meet certain criteria.... read more.

Save the dates!

The PLT annual conference will be held in conjunction with the PDK annual conference (Feb. 16–17, 2012) and the Future Educators Association® annual conference (Feb. 17–19, 2012) in Baltimore, Md.

Podcast series amplifies teachers' voice in school reform debate

To salute the great work of teachers everywhere, the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center developed “Teacher Voices: Critical Issues in Student Learning and School Reform.” This podcast series highlights the importance of teachers in student learning and amplifies their voices in the national conversation about school reform. Each Teacher Voices podcast pairs a practicing classroom teacher with deans or faculty members from schools of education to describe one of five... read more.

Do you have a new address?

You can update your contact information 24/7 by logging in at www.pilambda.org. If you’ll have a new address for the summer — and again in the fall — it’s easy to update your member record. You’ll need your username (if this is the first time you’ve logged in, it’s your first initial and last name) and your PLT member number, which is on the magazine’s mailing label. If you need help, call us at 800-766-1156.... read more.

Stand out in the crowd: Sarah DeVan

Sarah DeVan’s PLT membership has helped her get her career off to a fast start. DeVan, a five-year member, is in her second year as a 5th-grade teacher at an elementary school in Fallston, Md. During her years at Washington College, she took advantage of the leadership opportunities PLT provides by serving as the student vice president on the PLT international board. Locally, she was the chapter president, vice president, and membership chair. In... read more.

Wear gold cords at graduation

Get recognition for your academic achievements by wearing gold cords at graduation. Buy them today at www.thepltstore.org (check to make sure your college or university permits honor cords at graduation). You can also share your PLT pride with charms, pins, pendants, polo shirts, hoodies, and more. Shop today!

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