Volume 90, Apr-May 2012

From Résumé to Teaching Job

How can you stand out among everyone else who is looking for teaching jobs? Learn the dos and don’ts of the job search — including when to start looking — and the secrets to writing résumés and cover letters, filling out applications, creating your portfolio, and preparing for interviews.... read more.

Need to update your address with Pi Lambda Theta?

You can update your contact information 24/7 by logging in at www.pilambda.org. If you’ll have a new address for the summer — and again in the fall — it’s easy to update your member record.... read more.

Wear your PLT honor regalia with pride

Proudly display your academic achievements by wearing Pi Lambda Theta honor regalia at your commencement ceremony. Buy yours online at www.pltstore.org.... read more.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Crystal Jensen

Crystal Jensen is a PDK Emerging Leader and the founder of both Integrity Technologies, Inc., and the nonprofit Community Empowerment Resource Center (CERCle), which are both recent startup organizations focused on using technology to help rural Native Americans living on reservations learn, connect, and collaborate. Read more about her projects to improve literacy and collaboration and her relationship to PLT.... read more.

More Than Just Four Letters: NBCT

Do you want to be a better teacher? Perhaps pursuing National Board Certification is the next step on your career path.... read more.

Just the Facts: Common Core State Standards

Find out what you need to know about the Common Core State Standards to shine in your job interviews and in the classroom.... read more.

Teacher Unions 101

Teacher unions are a hot topic and one that probably wasn’t covered in your college classes. Find out why they were originally formed, what collective bargaining is, and what’s covered in a contract.... read more.

Creating a Generation of Solutionaries

Do you want to change the world? Take the first step by learning about humane education and how it could transform education.... read more.

Legal Talk: Ensuring High-Quality Teachers

To qualify for most teaching, administrative, and other professional positions in the U.S. public schools, you must hold a valid certificate or license.... read more.

Class Dismissed! Your Principles vs. Your Principal: How to Speak Up and When to Shut Up

In college, students are encouraged to share their opinions, keep debates lively, and play the devil’s advocate. You have likely noticed this is not the case at your school’s faculty meetings.... read more.

Why I Teach

When I was 11 years old, I wrote in an elementary school yearbook that my “future ambition” was to become a “singer/lawyer/doctor” — in that order.... read more.

I Wish I Had Known ...

Read what these teachers wish they had known when they were starting out.... read more.

Pop Quiz: How Do I Get A Teaching Job?

Take this quiz to see how much you already know about finding a job.... read more.

How to Answer Bad Questions

Bad questions are outdated, hypothetical, illegal, or crazy ones. How do you answer them?... read more.

Job Fair Tips

Going to a job fair can be an overwhelming experience since you will be one of hundreds of job seekers who are all trying to win interviews and get noticed. The secret to making a job fair work is to prepare ahead of time.... read more.