Volume 90, Dec 2011-Jan 2012

You have ideas, we have money

Do you have an idea for an education-related project? Consider applying for the PLT Project Grant, which provides short-term supplemental financial support to projects that further PLT's mission, specifically to those promoting leadership development and enhanced student learning. Grants are awarded to projects initiated by PLT members, a group of PLT members, a PLT chapter, or a group of PLT chapters.... read more.

Graduate with PLT gold cords

Proudly display your academic achievements by wearing PLT honor cords at your commencement ceremony. Check to make sure your college or university permits honor cords at graduation, and buy yours online at www.thepltstore.org.... read more.

Enhance your career with PLT scholarships and awards

The Pi Lambda Theta Educational Foundation funds numerous scholarships, grants, and professional awards to support educators on their path to excellence. These funds can be used for study, research, and service in education and for the projects, programs, and activities supporting Pi Lambda Theta.... read more.

Save $50 with early bird PDK/PLT conference registration

Register before Dec. 16 for the 2012 PDK/PLT conference, “Great Teachers Create Great Classrooms,” and you can save $50 with the early bird registration rate. The conference will take place Feb. 16–17 at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore in Baltimore.... read more.

Brain-Based Education in Action

Do you wonder why some students pay attention to everything but you? Learn how brain-based teaching strategies can enhance your effectiveness and lower your stress.... read more.

Pajamas or Tuxedo? Digitalk and Formality in Adolescent Writing

Teens write all the time. They post updates on their Facebook pages, text their friends, and send instant messages. How can you help them bring their writing skills into the classroom?... read more.

Spend Less and Get More: How To Stock up Your Classroom Without Breaking the Bank

Your classroom is bare, and the school supplies you received are long gone. Check out these tips for finding school supplies without maxing out your credit card.... read more.

Personal Faith and Professional Practice

Although public school teachers can’t practice their faith in the classroom, it’s still part of who they are. How can you balance your religious beliefs with your job?... read more.

Your Life v. Your Job: Can Personal Choices Get You Fired?

Can your school district dictate what you do in your free time? Learn what off-campus actions have caused teachers to lose their jobs.... read more.

Class List ≠ Friend List

Students use Facebook and other electronic communication as a primary means of sharing information. Should teachers use these methods to reach their students?... read more.

Sneaking Important Topics in Through the Back Door — and Other Ways to Engage Your Students

Try these 10 strategies in your classroom to hook students who would rather be anywhere else.... read more.

Social Media and the Job Hunt

Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites can help you get a job. Find out how to use them to your advantage to make connections and enhance your career.... read more.

Legal Talk: Social Networking

Social networking sites have completely changed the way millions of people communicate. This change contributes to the blurring of the line between in and out of school.... read more.

Class Dismissed! Complaining About Work: How Much Is too Much? (And When Can we Start?)

Among the many demands of teaching is a tremendous pressure on educators to “stay positive!” Sometimes, though, after a demoralizing faculty meeting, or shouting directions on three hours of sleep while 4th graders open and close their binders as loudly as they possibly can, a little commiseration can be just what teachers need.... read more.

Why I Teach

The most frequently asked question teachers get is, “Why do you teach?” For me, the reasons are endless.... read more.

Stand Out In The Crowd: Megan Worcester

When Megan Worcester did her student teaching in Spain, she learned that classroom management — and indeed, all aspects of school — work differently there.... read more.