Volume 90, Feb-Mar 2012

Invaluable Allies: Partnering With Parents for Student Success

Parents — whether they’re biological parents, legal guardians, grandparents, or other family members who are primary caregivers — can be the most critical partners you have in your students’ academic journeys. How can you build effective relationships that help students to succeed?... read more.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: A Tip Sheet for Teachers

Make the most of parent-teacher conferences with these ideas for things to do before, during, and after the conferences.... read more.

"I Learned to Believe in Me"

Become a great learner by embracing these seven habits of mind.... read more.

What Do Parents Want From Teachers?

Check out these tips from parents for building a strong relationship with your students’ families.... read more.

Four Tips for Surviving Standardized Testing

Use these four tips to help your students — and yourself — stay sane during testing season. Plus, learn how you can plan now for post-testing, holistic assessments in your classroom.... read more.

Legal Talk: Parents and the Schools

Parents have the right and responsibility to raise their children, but there are a number of limitations on their control. The state has the task of providing for the general welfare of its citizens. To carry that out, it can establish reasonable laws regulating behavior and sometimes even overriding parental wishes. Below are some cases when parents and schools have come into conflict.... read more.

Class Dismissed! Parent Communication Tips for Cute Inexperienced Adorable Unauthoritative Younger Teachers

As a beginning teacher, comments about your age seem like thinly veiled doubts as to whether you know what you’re doing. The last thing you want is for a parent to describe you as “adorable” or call you “sweetie” during a conference.... read more.

Why I Teach

I made a decision to go into teaching students with severe disabilities when I noticed that they were being denied opportunities to learn because many educators viewed them as “unteachable.” I was intrigued by the challenge, and in my early years of teaching, I focused heavily on mastering the most effective techniques for teaching.... read more.

Apply for a research grant by April 1

Members of Pi Lambda Theta are eligible for research grants of up to $2,500 for clearly conceptualized research proposals concerning education. The deadline to apply is April 1.... read more.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Malik Henfield

When Malik Henfield was a child in Brooklyn, N.Y., he attended a school made up entirely of black students and black teachers, and he did very well. “The teachers were very strict and the students were very focused on their work for the most part,” he said. “There was no stigma attached to being smart. Doing well in school was the norm.”... read more.

We want to fund your dream project!

Do you have an idea for an education-related project but need funding to make it happen? Consider applying for the Pi Lambda Theta Project Grant, which provides short-term supplemental financial support to projects that further PLT’s mission, specifically those promoting leadership development and enhanced student learning. The deadline is April 1.... read more.