Volume 90, Oct-Nov 2011

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Do you struggle to keep students focused? Do you want advice on how to handle a recurring classroom management challenge in your K-12 classroom?... read more.

Flipping the Classroom

In this Q&A, two science teachers talk about how they’ve used an innovative method to improve student engagement and achievement. Lectures are homework, and homework becomes classwork. Join teachers Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann for a live Twitter chat at 4 p.m. ET Nov. 3. Use hashtag #edhorizons.

Aaron Sams (left) and Jonathan Bergmann are science teachers who have flipped the science classroom at Woodland Park High School in Woodland Park, Colo. Sams received... read more.

From Ringmaster to Conductor

These 10 simple techniques can help you turn an unruly class into a productive one.

We teach because we love working with students. We’re dedicated to helping students gain knowledge and develop their intelligence. However, our efforts to consistently deliver high-quality instruction are undercut when we can’t maintain a productive learning environment. Lack of training, anxiety, and inexperience cause many new teachers to feel overwhelmed when a group of rambunctious students doesn’t cooperate. Even... read more.

I Wish I Had Known...

Teaching can be a lonely profession. The camaraderie of the teacher education experience, with teacher candidates sharing their idealism and enthusiasm with a nurturing professor and like-minded peers, quickly gives way to the isolation of the classroom.... read more.

Becoming the Star of Your District

Want to stand out? Check out these strategies for managing your classroom, showcasing student work, dressing for success, and more.

It started with an offhand compliment. In passing, our principal told Dan that he was quickly becoming the new star of the district. This irked me. My husband, Dan, and I relish a little friendly competition. While teaching English in Japan for the same private school, more classes were added to my roster because... read more.

Taking the Reins: Preservice Teachers Practicing Leadership

Preservice teachers can take steps to become teacher leaders even before they land their first job.

What makes the difference between a good teacher and a great one? Knowing your content is important, but having strong leadership skills can tip the scales from mediocrity to excellence. The best time to begin practicing being a teacher leader is during your preservice years. This gives you a chance to practice who you will become in an environment... read more.

Closing the Communication Gap

How can you work successfully with teachers who are much older than you? Check out this primer on the three generations, including a list of helpful tips.... read more.

Legal Talk: The Supreme Court and Schools

The United States Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. Its opinions make law for all courts across the country. Thousands of cases are brought to the Supreme Court each year, but only a small number are accepted for review and decided. Each year, a few of these have an effect on school districts. Below is a summary of those cases and their impact. Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn (2011). Arizona... read more.

Class Dismissed! The Five Worst Things To Do After a Bad Day

If you’ve had a bad day recently — or even a string of bad days — you’re not alone. The October-November disillusionment phase is the period in which new teachers are most likely to burst into tears in public, type up resignation letters “just in case,” or fantasize about driving off a bridge on the way to work. It’s important to find ways to nurse yourself back to mental health when necessary. Equally important, though,... read more.

Why I Teach

I look at it this way: We’re given this life to do something good, something useful. We have a limited number of minutes in each day to make a living and earn a paycheck. How do we choose to spend our minutes? How we spend our minutes is how we spend our lives. I am fortunate to have discovered my passion and to wake up truly energized each day to walk into the workplace. I... read more.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Brian Nakamoto

Brian Nakamoto was inspired to become a teacher after spending the summer of 2008 working as an educational assistant at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind. For one week, he got to be a substitute teacher. “During that week students inspired me, and after I acknowledged their academic weaknesses, motivated me to become a teacher in the near future,” said Nakamoto, who is deaf. After graduating with his bachelor’s... read more.

Save money on National Board Certification

As a Pi Lambda Theta member, you can save money on the first step of your journey toward National Board Certification with a discount on Take One! Take One! allows you to commit yourself to just one of the 10 assessment components of National Board Certification. Learn more about National Board Certification and the Take One! Program at the National Board for Professional ... read more.