Volume 91, Apr-May 2013

Critical Thinking Outside the Classroom

What’s the secret to making your field trip to the local museum a success? The author shares what she’s learned and offers tips to help you succeed.... read more.

How to Rock the Boat

Do you think that just because you’re a new teacher, you can’t create meaningful change in your classroom? Alfie Kohn begs to differ.... read more.

Games for Learning

Games are the new silver bullet in education. How can they create good learning experiences, and what can you learn from them to become a better teacher?... read more.

The Job Hunt: Resumes, electronic portfolios, and what to bring to an interview

Our expert tells you how long your résumé should be, discusses electronic portfolios, and weighs in on whether to take copies of your résumé to the interview.... read more.

Legal Talk: The Role of Religion in Graduation Ceremonies

Religion and public education have had a controversial relationship, and it’s one that’s often highlighted at this time of year as graduation ceremony plans begin to take shape. The question at hand is this: Can religion play a part in graduation ceremonies?... read more.

Class Dismissed! Find Professional Development in Unexpected Places

Professional development isn’t the only place where you can develop professionally. If you’re paying attention, the elements of good instruction can be found in many contexts, including experiences that are already a part of your life.... read more.

Why I Teach

When I hear “ohhhhh” coming from the back of the classroom, I realize why I love what I do.... read more.