Volume 91, Dec 2012-Jan 2013

Just the Facts: Personal Learning Networks

Find out what you need to know about personal learning networks and how to make them work for you.... read more.

Four Ways to Make Grades More Effective

You may be surprised at the inaccuracies and lack of fairness in your grading system. See what the problems are and find out how to fix them.... read more.

LGBT Students Want Educators to Speak Up for Them

What do LGBT students wish teachers would do to make school safer? Read their four ideas, and get ready to make a difference.... read more.

The Role of Silence in Teaching and Learning

How do you respond when students are silent in the classroom? Learn strategies to add to your teaching repertoire by understanding what silence means and how to use it.... read more.

Mindsets: How to Motivate Students (and Yourself)

Carol Dweck is the author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Random House, 2006) and serves as the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. We talked to her about mindsets and how they can help — or hinder — motivation.... read more.

The Job Hunt: Cover letters, relocation, and references

Can you use the same cover letter for all your applications? Should you tell a district if you're planning to move to another state? See what our expert says.... read more.

Legal Talk: Legal Protection for Victims of School Bullying

Bullying has become widely recognized as a problem for American youth, in school and out. Can schools and school employees be held responsible for bullying and its effects?... read more.

Class Dismissed! Five Half-Truths That Can Hurt Your Teaching

Education has become a hot topic these days. Politicians, pundits, filmmakers, philanthropists, and even our nonteacher friends are eager to weigh in on how we should do our jobs.... read more.

Why I Teach

I didn’t want to become a special education teacher. In fact, the last career I ever wanted to pursue was education.... read more.