Volume 91, Oct-Nov 2012

Why I Teach

There’s an immediacy to teaching. And that feeling and context, knowing that what happens right now matters — in the pragmatic day-to-day sense and in a larger professional sense — is why I teach in public schools.... read more.

Pop Quiz: Who Said It?

Can you match the quote with the right presidential candidate? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the candidates’ positions on education issues.... read more.

Class Dismissed! Your Unscientific Guide to Interpreting Teacher Nightmares

I’m a believer that images from a night’s sleep can provide insight into daytime thoughts, so it’s always been interesting to me that so many teachers report having similar dreams — or, in many cases, similar nightmares.... read more.

Legal Talk: Challenges to Diversity Programs

The U.S. Supreme Court could change the way diversity initiatives are implemented in preK - 12 public education this fall when it considers Fisher v. University of Texas, which involves diversity initiatives under a challenge of discrimination.... read more.

Six People to Know

You may feel overwhelmed, but these six people in your school can make your life a little easier.... read more.

Former PLT president retires

Congratulations to Janice Bizzari on her 42-year education career. Bizzari, a Pi Lambda Theta international president from 1991 to 1995, retired in June from her position as principal of University School in Bloomington, Ind.... read more.

The Job Hunt: References, a master's degree, and substitute teaching

Our expert offers advice on whether to list references on your résumé, if you should take substitute teaching jobs outside your field, and more tips to help you land a teaching job.... read more.

How to Reach — and Teach — Black Males

Learn how to use five tools to engage the black male students in your classroom and start to close the achievement gap.... read more.

Student View: What Do Good Teachers Do?

Get insider advice on good teaching from some high school students.... read more.

Tips for Working With Cooperating Teachers

Your cooperating teacher can help you make the most of your student teaching experience. Follow these tips to build a good relationship and get a great recommendation for your job hunt.... read more.

My Students Don't Speak English

Students in your class today speak many languages. Follow these simple steps to make sure that you’re teaching them as effectively as you can.... read more.

Tips for Teaching Other Groups

Find tips for teaching other groups.... read more.

Teachers: Agents of Reform

How can we build a profession that supports new teachers? Some other countries offer ideas to consider.... read more.