Volume 92, Apr-May 2014

Why I Teach

A 6th-grade teacher provides the building blocks for a young adult and becomes the inspiration for her career.... read more.

Catching the Bug: How Virtual Coaching Improves Teaching

Virtual coaches can drop in frequently and offer on-the-spot feedback. See how bug-in-ear coaching can improve teachers’ performance and foster collaboration.... read more.

Class Dismissed! Dealing With Difficult Co-Workers

Get advice on handling the difficult colleagues who might be roaming your hallway, as well as a few tips to ensure that you aren't the difficult one.... read more.

How Comics Made Me Love Reading

The co-CEO of Archie Comics, a former elementary school art teacher, knows from personal experience that comics should be a tool in a teacher’s toolbox.... read more.

Jessica's Journey: Transforming School Culture

This principal knew his students deserved a chance to succeed, so he created a new high school with a culture that puts them first.... read more.

Six for Summer: Professional Learning Opportunities

Do you want to improve your practice but can’t find time during the school year? Check out these summer professional development opportunities to explore topics that interest you.... read more.

Teaching With Hope

Gallup’s Most Hopeful Teacher in America talks about the role hope has played in her career.... read more.

The Job Hunt: Contracts, references, and school culture

Our expert talks about whether teaching contracts are negotiable, what to do if your principal won't write a recommendation, and how to assess a school's culture during an interview.... read more.