Volume 92, Oct-Nov 2013

A Journey to Find What's Working in America's Schools

Three educators take a yearlong road trip to see what teachers are doing right. See what they found.... read more.

Asking for Help: The Key to Career Success

You’ve waited a long time to have your own classroom, but what do you do when you have a question — or several? Find out how you can set yourself up to succeed.... read more.

Class Dismissed: Six Tips for Looking Less Like A Rookie

“Is this your first year as a teacher?” There are only a few possible answers when a student asks this dreaded question. All of them are wrong.... read more.

Riding the First-Year Roller Coaster

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your classroom? If so, you’re not alone. These tips will help you survive and even thrive.... read more.

Why I Teach

About two years ago, I was finishing up a class for a graduate degree and was required to complete a case study on an English language learner. I had to spend several hours weekly with this student, asking him questions and revising his writing. I chose him because he fit the bill: He was the only English language learner in my class that semester.... read more.

The Job Hunt: Social media history and interview tips

Get expert advice on whether employers are checking your social media history, how to answer the question about your strengths and weaknesses, and what to wear to an interview.... read more.

The Teacher's Toolkit

Feeling unprepared? Overwhelmed? Tap into some wisdom from National Board Certified Teachers and get up-to-speed with these practical tips on topics ranging from working with families to managing your classroom.... read more.

Connecting With Families

Connecting with families should be at the top of every teacher's never-ending to-do list. These strategies will help you get started.... read more.

Developing Your Teaching Style

Teaching style is a finely honed skill. It is the method of delivery, classroom management, and overall relationship with students that allows a teacher to be effective — or causes her to be ineffective.... read more.

Managing Your Classroom

Although I knew there were some things that went well during my first few years in the classroom, by my fourth year I almost left teaching. The behavior of my students threatened my passion for this career.... read more.

Planning Your Lessons

Although your education program prepared you well for writing detailed two- or three-page plans for each lesson you’re going to teach, you might not have as much time to devote to that task now that you’ve entered the real world of teaching. These time-saving tips will help you plan your lessons.... read more.

Getting to Know Your Colleagues

Building strong relationships with your fellow teachers will ensure the success of your students. Here are some common types of faculty members you might encounter and tips on how to work with them.... read more.

Engaging All Students

These three strategies encourage all students to get involved and do the thinking needed to learn.... read more.