Volume 93, Dec 2014-Jan 2015

LOL Teacher! Using Humor to Enhance Student Learning

Laughing with students can help them connect on a deeper level with you and the learning. Try these four strategies to incorporate humor into your teaching.... read more.

Is "Getting Gritty" The Answer?

Can grit solve all your students' problems? This urban high school teacher shares her experiences.... read more.

How Can You Develop a Growth Mindset About Teaching?

Research has shown that it’s never too late to develop a growth mindset about your abilities. Follow these steps to change your outlook.... read more.

Teaching the Soft Skills: Three Students Break it Down

Soft skills might be more important than academic skills, but how do you teach them? Follow this practical advice.... read more.


Did you know you can improve as an educator in only a few minutes a day? See how this teacher uses Twitter to get great ideas she can use.... read more.

Make Friends With Student Data

Student data is more than just test scores. Find out what it is, why it matters, and how you can use it.... read more.

The Job Hunt: December graduation, job openings, and interviews

Get advice for December graduates, the scoop on where to find teaching jobs, and the answer to why you're not getting any interviews.... read more.

Beginning Teachers As Leaders

Today's schools are inviting new teachers to take advantage of leadership opportunities. See how you can get involved.... read more.

Why I Teach

This life skills teacher is rewarded by knowing she's making a difference in her students' lives.... read more.

Pop Quiz: Professional Learning

Is your learning done when you graduate from college? Not at all. Take this quiz to see what you know.... read more.