Volume 93, Feb-Mar 2015

The Job Hunt: Elevator speeches, standing out at job fairs, and lessons learned

Our expert breaks down the elevator speech, offers tips for standing out at a job fair, and more.... read more.

Creating Risk Takers

When teachers support students and create a caring classroom culture, they enable students to take risks. The National Teacher of the Year offers advice on how to make it happen.... read more.

Measuring Up

Are you looking for a way to assess your teaching practice? These three frameworks can help you evaluate your performance.... read more.

Why I Teach

Teaching came second to being queen of England as a career choice, but this teacher hasn't looked back.... read more.

Pop Quiz: Teacher Success and Burnout

Do teachers quit because they feel that they're not successful, or do they burn out? Take this quiz to see what you know.... read more.

Life 101: Time Management

These two time management strategies are ready for college students to use and can generate big payoffs.... read more.

Three Ways edTPA Prepared Me for the Classroom

A capstone, performance-based assessment challenged this new educator to stretch his practice.... read more.

Are You A Good Teacher?

What does it mean to be a good teacher? Take short quizzes to see where you excel and where you need help, and then get some advice from National Board Certified Teachers to see how you can get better.... read more.

Nontraditional Forms of Assessment

See how this fifth-grade National Board Certified Teacher uses nontraditional assessments to measure students' learning.... read more.

The Best-Laid Plans

Student behavior can blow up when you least expect it. Find out in advance how to proceed and maintain a calm, safe classroom environment.... read more.

Building Relationships With Parents

The benefits of a positive parent-teacher relationship will quickly outweigh the hassle of spending valuable time talking to students' families.... read more.

Role Model or Authentic Professional?

Do teachers have to follow their own rules to be credible?... read more.