A Balancing Act

It’s the season for the job hunt, whether you’re looking for your first job or taking the next step along your career path. Read these first-person accounts to see how teachers balance the rewards and challenges of working in different types of schools. What’s the right fit for you?

A Balancing Act

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When you walk into our school, you might think it looks like any other school. Our two-year-old building houses 522 students, abundant resources, and state-of-the-art technology. So other than being smaller and newer than many other schools, what makes this school different? To start with, it’s a Christian school, and although every Christian school is different, a few features make this type of school a unique place to teach.

One of the primary requirements of most — if not all — Christian schools is that teachers must sign a statement of faith. This statement calls for each teacher to live by values supported in the Bible and traditional Christian beliefs. It also asks that each teacher be actively involved in a church and accept the Bible as the source of all truth and understanding. This might rule out teaching in a Christian school for some people, but if it’s not a problem for you, then consider these other factors.

As a Christian school teacher, you need to be prepared to spend time investing in many different relationships. Your afternoons and evenings will be spent meeting with parents or chatting with them as they help around the school. It is important to note that parents play a vital role in the workings of the Christian school. Parents are an amazing resource, and they are willing to partner with teachers for the education of their children. The downside is that this social aspect of the job can be time-consuming. Teachers should enjoy and willingly seek out these opportunities. Whether it is attending concerts, sporting events, fundraisers, or school get-togethers, investing in relationships is all part of the job.

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