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Communicating with parents can be a daunting task for teachers, especially if they are faced with the challenge of reporting misbehavior to a child’s family. However, the benefits of a positive parent-teacher relationship will quickly outweigh the hassle of spending valuable time talking to students’ families. Let’s break it down.

Benefits for students and parents

Studies have shown that student achievement increases when parent-teacher communication is successful. Children feel comforted when they know that their parents are working together with their teachers to help them succeed. This can help change a student’s outlook on school from negative to positive. Since students quickly realize they will not be able to reach their goals if they do not attend class, this change in outlook can result in better attendance. Plus, parents who have good relationships with their child’s teachers are more likely to pay attention and change their own behavior. When teachers convince parents to change their own behavior, it will have a trickle-down effect on their students because parents set up routines and model behavior for them. It is much more likely students will make a lasting change in their behavior if their parents are reinforcing it at home, so it’s worthwhile to get parents involved.

Tip Sheets For Parents

Benefits for teachers

Teachers who maintain open communication with parents talk about how much these relationships help them. First, if they are aware of students’ current struggles and successes at home, they can find ways to modify the learning environment to benefit students and increase learning. If a teacher knows that a student has a new sibling, she can anticipate that this student will be looking for more attention from adults at school, since it is likely his parents are spending a lot of time with the new baby. Building in a little extra one-on-one time with this student could help him stay engaged during this tough phase.

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