Career Tracks
If you’re passionate, bold, and inspired to create change in the field of education, becoming an educational entrepreneur might be for you. I established Integrity Technologies, Inc. (IT) in 2011, with the support from a team of experts, to be a full-service technology integration consulting organization to help empower Native American and other underrepresented, marginalized communities in need. Our efforts have been based on my successful experiences as a K-12 educator, higher education teacher, scholarly researcher/publisher, business leader, and enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. My family heritage, especially my great-grandmother’s enrollment at Wheelock Academy (a Native American boarding school), and my legacy of a multigenerational family of K-12 educators affords me a purpose and long-term passion for serving underrepresented populations through educational technologies from a culturally responsive, community empowerment perspective. Integrity Technologies provides me with the opportunity to fulfill this purpose and passion for serving the greater good with a team of highly respected elders and colleagues.

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