Career TracksBeing a National Board Certified Teacher has changed my thought process and perspective from the moment I begin thinking about curriculum and teaching lessons to grading and using assessment data. The most valuable skill I gained was a constant awareness to question why I designed activities or writing tasks.

What do you need to seek national board certification?

A desire for personal growth. This process first required me to delve into my own teaching, inspecting every thought and belief I had about my role in education. I had to want to grow as a learner and teacher for this process to be valuable. My beliefs about activities, grading, and discipline all changed because I have developed a strong desire to be a learner of education. I now seek out new experiences that challenge my ideas and practices.

An interest in collegiality.
Before pursuing National Board certification, I enjoyed being friends with my colleagues and asked for advice when I was in a bind, but mostly we swapped stories of problem students. National Board certification transformed my relationships. I am intentional about my relationships and have more satisfaction — and success — as a teacher. I listen more, while also seeking leadership opportunities.

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