Career TracksAt no time in the history of formal education has every person had an opportunity to change the world like today because of how ideas, influence, and energy flow between classrooms, schools, and districts around the globe. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the educational landscape, but it is easy to slip into the pessimism surrounding schools from the media and masses. The truth is, there is more innovation in schools today than ever before; schools just need fresh minds and energy to be molded, personalized, scaled, and implemented with a crazy amount of passion. This should be your mission as the chief learner in your school or classroom. Lead from the chair that you are in.

What do you need to become a principal?

The best principals today are taking daily risks for kids. They are motivating their peers and not getting caught in the trap of mediocrity that can draw the most well-intentioned teachers into the average crowd. These leaders are looking for the best peers around the world so they can create, connect, and collaborate. They are bringing an insanely high level of engagement to their work in student-centered learning spaces. Leaders in these schools are removing obstacles, using a default decision-making process that says “yes” first, and interjecting energy into the system when there is a lapse in the momentum of the community to be different instead of just being better. Does this sound like you?

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