Career TracksYou know what it’s like to be a college student, but have you thought about becoming a teacher educator? Teacher educators are university professors who have been teachers and have now decided that they want to have a hand in teaching future teachers. A typical day might involve advising a student on classes to take, teaching a class on strategies or classroom management, grading students’ work, or visiting student teachers on a school campus. For a teacher educator, this means you can really get involved in the development of future teachers and help them be successful when they graduate and have classes of their own.

What do you need to become a teacher educator?

A great teacher educator has the ability to be patient, organized, collaborative, and compassionate. It’s also important to possess the capability to write well and teach others.

What are the benefits?

The best part of being a teacher educator is that you get to help young teachers feel confident and ready to help students be successful and develop a love of learning. It’s also nice to have more flexible working hours and be able to work closely with your students.

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