Roxanna EldenWhile the majority of your fellow teachers are outstanding citizens, most schools contain a few reminders that carrying a “#1 Teacher!!!” mug doesn’t make it true. Here are descriptions of some of the difficult colleagues who might be roaming your hallway, advice on how to handle them, and a few tips to ensure that you aren’t the difficult one.

Negative teachers. These can be struggling rookies who want to know they’re not alone or disillusioned veterans who think they’re letting you in on the real deal. Sometimes their complaints feel refreshingly honest. If you want to know your school’s dirty secrets, this may be your best source. At the same time, you may not want to know so much about your school’s dirty secrets, and excess time in the company of complainers can leave you feeling hopeless. It’s up to you to decide whether to stick around and listen or find an excuse to leave the room, but do think twice before jumping in with your own stories. You don’t want this person using them as examples when complaining to others.

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