Are your classroom management skills unraveling as the year goes along? Follow these four steps to make a new start after spring break that will take you to the end of the year.

Student teachers and new teachers often say that they love teaching, adore the students, and have mastered the subject material. It’s classroom management that keeps them up at night, especially after spring break. While much has been written about classroom management, it remains a challenge for new and experienced teachers and may be the toughest as the school year is starting to wind down. Try these four steps to make your classroom a productive place until the last bell rings.

Step 1: Reorganize the room.

A well-organized room has a place for everything, and everything should be in its place. When the students leave for spring break, look around your room and decide if the room arrangement can be improved for better management. It may be time for some spring housecleaning.

Group work is a powerful tool, and placing students at tables where they can talk is important for group work. However, by this time of year, the students know each other so well that they will always talk when they face each other, so have students facing the front at the start of the day and whenever you are delivering instruction. Leave enough space between desks that you can walk around and monitor students.

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