The Education Poll That Confirms Your Deepest Fears
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This article is part of a satirical issue of Educational Horizons.

For the first time, we’ve asked the public what they think about the state of education today.

In this poll of 4,567 randomly selected adults who use landline telephones as their primary means of communication, we probed their thoughts on tough topics — and the results were even worse than we’d feared. If you thought education was teetering on the edge of disaster, you’re wrong. It’s already fallen into the abyss.

But don’t despair, for all isn’t lost. Experts have weighed in on the results to offer some perspective on the public’s reactions. Perhaps a glimmer of hope remains after all.


Some teachers blieve spelling should no longer b taught bcuz stud only txt. Do u agree?

98% — Yes
2% — No

Kaitlyn Cress


by Kaitlyn Cress, Future Educators Association National Student Officer

Txt lang is what evry1 uses most . No spelling in school is nbd. It wld save time 4 teachers 2 focus on other subjs. School days wld b shortr 2 bc there’s less 2 b taught. Email & txting is already short; there4, menus, instructions, and books can b shortr 2. I nvr take the time 2 spll out words & the switch 4 school pprs is hard. W/spellcheck on comps, spelling is fixed 4 u. Siri makes it so u dn’t evn have 2 type, just speak & she writes it 4 u. Easy! Tech is taking over the world & lang must b adoptd 2 fit that style. Spelling is like cursive, teachers say u need it 4 HS, but u don’t use it. Ever. It’s no surprise that 98% of ppl think spelling needs 2 b taken out of schools. I bet no1 had probs readin this bc we r so used 2 it. No spelling? No prob.

AUTHOR ID: KAITLYN CRESS is a national student officer with the Future Educators Association and a freshman at Miami University of Ohio in Oxford, Ohio, where she is majoring in early childhood education. She wants to teach in an elementary school.

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