Cathy Stephens

Q: What is the recommended length of a résumé? I have heard it should not be longer than one page, but I’m having trouble making everything fit. Do you have any suggestions?

A: You are exactly right; it’s very difficult to fit in the critical elements if you are limited to squeezing it onto one page. I have found that one of the most consistent pieces of advice from school districts is that an educational résumé should be two pages if you are applying for a teaching position. If you cross over into administration, résumés typically become longer and more involved, but two pages is sufficient for teaching positions. That does not mean that three is better. In fact, I highly discourage more than two pages. If you are still having difficulty fitting everything in, consider moving your references to a separate page.

Q: How often do potential employers look at an electronic portfolio? Is it worth my time to create one, and if so, what should I include?

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