Cathy StephensQ: My business friends are always networking. Is that something I should be doing too?

A: Without question, networking is one of the best paths to success for educators who want to improve their practice and those who are seeking jobs. It provides teachers with a direct avenue for building community and collaboration. Online networking allows you to stay current and engaged in your practice by learning from one another, sharing ideas for best practices, extending your learning base, and accessing dynamic resources from all over the globe. There are many online educator communities that open up the world to you as an educator, and in turn, to your students. For those who are seeking jobs, networking is absolutely key to finding that fit. More than ever before, employers look to online sites to recruit educators. Job seekers should also engage offline within their local education communities and wherever they may have contacts. Without a doubt, networking is a part of the success formula that will never really go away. Join the movement!

Q: Should I be using LinkedIn? It seems more oriented toward the business world. How can it help me?

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