Cathy Stephens

Q: Do you suggest putting “References available upon request” on résumés or listing the references with their contact information?

A: You should definitely list your references. It’s a given in K-12 education that not only will they contact your references, but they will likely speak with all of them. Most applications require a minimum of three references just to apply. If your résumé is on the edge of being too long, then have a separate references page.

Q: I am working on my master’s degree with a focus on literacy instruction. If a potential employer asks, “Why should I hire someone with a master’s degree when I can get a good teacher with only a bachelor’s degree?” what can I say to help them see the value of my degree?

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Comments on The Job Hunt: References, a master’s degree, and substitute teaching

  1. egaspard says:

    I have chosen to make a career change from management retail to teaching. I will be graduating soon. As I begin my student teaching I will need some means of compensation during this period to meet my financial obligations. Do you have any suggestions to meet these obligations? What have other teachers done in the past to successfully circumvent this milestone?