why-i-teach-VoigtsI teach online. When I was teaching at a university and finishing my Ph.D. in international education, there was no online education. How the world changes — and aren’t we lucky? It’s expanded our world by giving us extraordinary educational resources, fresh ways to collaborate, and new students to teach.

I teach teens who are located all over the world. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. We meet weekly in lecture-format webinars and on G+ hangouts. There is not much class interaction on the webinars (one difficulty with online education), but there is unlimited interaction on the hangouts. There, we laugh, talk about assignments, and share what we are experiencing in the world: different cultures, foods, and languages. This is the essence of intercultural education and why I teach: connecting, globally.

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Comments on Why I Teach

  1. Barbara G. Henze says:

    What a wonderful method of educating the world! I am interested in learning more about international education, perhaps you can provide with a few resources? I would greatly appreciate it.