Getting Started FAQs

Why bring Pi Lambda Theta to my college or university?

Pi Lambda Theta is a significant opportunity for your students. Through membership, your students will be recognized by potential employers as high-caliber job candidates and be distinguished at graduation as a high-achieving students through honor regalia. It truly is an opportunity for you to showcase the outstanding students in your education program — without overwhelming your faculty or administrative staff. Learn more about Pi Lambda Theta member benefits.

What types of institutions are eligible to promote Pi Lambda Theta to their students?

Pi Lambda Theta is appropriate for any education or teacher preparation program that seeks to acknowledge its high-achieving students.

What is the cost of bringing Pi Lambda Theta to my college or university?

There is no cost! Pi Lambda Theta is completely supported through initiation fees and donations, meaning no cost to your institution.

Can my college or university establish a Pi Lambda Theta chapter?

Establishing a local Pi Lambda Theta chapter is optional. Members have access to all member benefits offered at the national level regardless of whether or not their school offers a local chapter. However, some schools and institutions choose to host a local Pi Lambda Theta chapter to allow preservice and practicing educators to connect at a local level and share knowledge. Chapters are led by volunteers or a faculty advisor and engage in group activities and meetings at the discretion of the chapter leaders.


Contact the Pi Lambda Theta office at 800-766-1156 or