Frequently Asked Questions

Who is now eligible to apply for membership?

  • Undergraduate seniors (or recent graduates) who intend to pursue a career in education and have a 3.5 GPA or higher
  • Graduate students who intend to pursue a career in education and have a 3.5 GPA or higher (If they haven’t yet finished their first semester of grad school, they can apply using their undergraduate school information and GPA!)
  • Current educators or education professionals/support staff who graduated with a 3.5 GPA or higher

How much is the initiation fee for new members? What does it include?

The one-time membership fee of $74 includes:

  • A personalized certificate and gold honor cords (no need to purchase separately!);
  • Access to low-cost professional liability insurance that covers students during clinical observations and preservice teaching assignments;
  • Eligibility for scholarships to support their undergraduate or graduate studies; and
  • A connection to outstanding education professionals who can open doors to future employment.

Is our chapter eligible for IRS exemption?
No. Pi Lambda Theta chapters are not part of our legal entity and won’t be incorporated as part of our tax exemption filing. Chapters can file for tax exemption using their own EIN.

Do I still submit chapter leadership reports?
No. If your chapter convenes locally, please email us at to confirm the primary contact information so we can stay in touch. Each year, we will reach out at recruitment time to ask how we can support on-the-ground efforts.

How are chapter dues collected and remitted?
Since the national office will no longer be collecting renewal fees, we will also no longer collect chapter dues. Any remit monies that were collected recently have been distributed to those chapters not marked as inactive. Chapters wishing to collect chapter dues going forward will need to do so at the local level.

How will the national office continue to support chapters?

  • We will provide marketing materials for chapters to distribute. (All materials will direct people to an online application.)
  • We will also provide member lists for schools/chapters if requested.

What if I’m already a member? Do I pay the $74 initiation fee?
No, you will no longer need to pay to remain a member. We will grandfather all previous members into legacy membership.